Agents and Distributors

Because the MRP Blocks are lightweight and portable, we can ship the MRP Barrier System around the world reasonably cost effectively.

However, in order to increase our global reach, we have also appointed a range of agents and distributors that can also help you understand the benefits of the MRP Barrier System.

MRP has access to worldwide markets through key agents and distributors, including;

USA & Canada
James Voss – The Terra Verde Group
PO Box 25889, Tempe, AZ 85285, USA
Tel: +1 520 241 5398 and +61 487 520 284

Looi Eng Kam – Deflog Technologies Pte Ltd.,
30 Shaw Rd, Singapore 367957
Tel: +(65) 6 383 5084,

international agents and distributors
international agents and distributors