Fixings and Accessories

for the Modular Barrier System

In addition to manufacturing polyethylene blocks, MRP also provide a number of fixings and accessories to help you to build an MRP Barrier. There are a number of ‘add-ons’ that are available, if required.

A variety of external polyethylene fixing plates and nylon setscrews, extract pumps, lifting grabs etc. are available. Also available are ‘over the wall’ structures for facilities where wind loadings and impacts must be considered. MRP provide a design advisory service to assist clients with their applications. Standard accessories generally include;


The blocks are moulded with pre-cast holes to enable you to bolt the blocks together and we manufacture a range of Polyethylene fittings and nylon screws to enable you to do this.  The blocks can be fitted together with 4hole, 3hole and 2hole polyethylene plates held in place by nylon screws.​


Whilst the empty blocks can be easily lifted by 2 people when empty, a lifting grab is needed if you want to move the blocks when they are full. The diagrams opposite show this lifting grab in operation.

For rows one and two of a Barrier (and even three) it is possible to lift and place the blocks by a manual lift. Two persons are generally required due to the size and weight of the blocks (up to 33kg each). However, for rows above three it is necessary to use our specialist lifting device or a forklift truck.


Filling the blocks is easy. You can simply use a hose connected to the water supply, although we do sell Drum Pumps, which give you more control and can pump water faster than simply connecting a hose to a tap. Drum Pump’s are also advised for dismantling an MRP Barrier.

Fixings and Accessories
Fixings and Accessories
Fixings and Accessories