Modular Shielding Barrier Systems

MRP’s Modular Shielding Barrier Systems are hollow polyethylene blocks which can be filled with a range of materials (typically water or sand) to create modular shield barriers.

For more permanent applications concrete can be used as a filler.
The blocks interlock together on all four edges to provide an easily assembled, stable and relocate-able shield system.

The blocks come in various different shapes, enabling you to design and build enclosures to suit your particular needs.

The blocks can be installed by one or two persons prior to filling with the chosen material.  We have also designed and manufactured specialist lifting equipment, should our customers need it.

The blocks are fixed to each other with polyethylene plates and nylon screws.

The system has been subject to a rigorous programme of testing.

Modular Shielding Barrier Systems
Modular Shielding Barrier Systems