MRP Modular Blocks

The MRP Modular Blocks that make up our barrier system are made up of hollow Polyethylene interlocking blocks each block measuring 500 mm deep. These materials are easy to clean, recycle and offer reduced secondary fragments when involved in a detonation.

Currently there are 6 standard units;

• The Full Wall Block (1000 x 750 x 500);
• The Half Wall Block (500 x 750 x 500);
• The Full Left-Hand Corner Block (1000 x 750 x 500);
• The Half Right Hand Corner Block (500 x 750 x 500); and
• The Cruciform (800 x 750 x 800).
• The Conversion Block (two female connections) (500 x 750 x 500)

Items can be purchased individually or as specified for a design. MRP has some specific designs based on experience and can create unique design layouts to suit customer requirements.

The weight of the largest block is 33 kg.

Each block is provided with interlocking features on all four edges, 2 male and 2 female, with lifting/ fixing holes in the main faces. A 50 mm hole is built into the top face of the block for the purposes of filling and emptying of the chosen material (water, sand, iron or lead shot or grout).

Block Features:

• Interlocking on all 4 edges;
• Hollow & can be filled with water, sand, etc.;
• Light enough to be lifted by two persons;
• Seamless construction;
• Smooth exterior for easy decontamination;
• All blocks have common 50cm thickness;
• Manufactured by rotational moulding technique;
• Re-useable & easily re-cycled;
• Each block fully traceable by virtue of individual bar code label;
• Block is UV stable and radiation resistant;
• Each block pressure tested to ensure no leaks when filled with water;
• Standard colour is black but other colours available;

The blocks are manufactured in black polyethylene by the rotational moulding technique and are, therefore, devoid of any construction joints. The black polyethylene has less than 2% carbon black compounded into the base polymer, providing practically unlimited UV resistance and good radiation stability.

The blocks are manufactured in two stages. The first process provides a dense outer coating of polyethylene, then a second process includes a foaming agent, giving an expansion of up to 2.5 times, providing the inner coating. Both coatings cure simultaneously and so are bonded together.  This results in a total wall thickness of approximately 18 mm with a good strength to weight ratio.

MRP Modular Blocks