About MRP Systems

and the Modular Barrier System

The Modular Barrier System was developed in 1998 by MRP Systems Ltd. Incorporated in 2001, following the award of a DTI Grant for Research and Development in 1998.

Since then, the company has sold over 10,000 blocks to a range of customers, including government agencies, research establishments and businesses that operate in safety critical environments. 

MRP’s design, production and warehousing facilities are based at their Head Office in Lancashire, in the United Kingdom. They also have a sales office in Buckinghamshire and work with a range of Agents and Distributors across the world.

Our team comprises a mix of specialists with a raft of experience in the operational deployment of Barrier and Shielding solutions and in the development of research proposals with partner organisations.

Our Barrier System has been deployed in a variety of  Nuclear; Security; Defence and Particle Physics applications with modular portable shield blocks being filled with water, sand and other materials for the means of safety and security.

Modular Barrier System
Modular Barrier System