Nuclear Applications

using the Modular Barrier System

The MRP Modular Barrier System has been extensively used at nuclear power stations and decommissioning sites.

In the UK the MRP Barrier has been used at a number of nuclear sites to provide shielded storage areas for waste in drums and ISO containers;  temporary walls during maintenance operations and refurbishment of cell windows. The MRP Shield has been deployed at Hunterston, Sizewell, Berkeley, Oldbury and Hinkley power stations and at Sellafield and  Dounreay.

The System can be easily and quickly constructed with the minimum of design input and little need for complicated drawings, preparation or training, each component block being installed by just two operators. Depending on the type and strength of the radiation, the system can be filled with a variety of fill material. Most applications have used water as this is easy to apply and just as easy to remove using a drum pump.

On completion of the project, the System can be easily wiped/washed down to decontaminate the external surfaces and the fill material emptied, enabling the units to be removed and reused, thus showing considerable saving on dismantling times, operator dose uptake, and waste disposal costs.

Nuclear applications for the MRP Modular Barrier System
Nuclear applications for the MRP Modular Barrier System