About MRP Systems

MRP Systems Ltd. was incorporated in 2001, following the successful award of a DTI Grant for Research and Development in 1998.

Since then, the company has sold over 5000 blocks to a range of government agencies, research establishments and businesses that operate in safety critical environments.

Modular Barrier Systems

MRP barriers are constructed of hollow polyethylene blocks which can be filled with a variety of materials and which interlock together to provide an easily assembled and relocate-able shielding system.

Most commonly, our customers fill the MRP blocks with water to create a ‘wall of water’ to act as a barrier to a range of materials.

MRP Block Applications

MRP barriers have been extensively tested and deployed as radiation barriers in Nuclear facilities; blast barriers in Defence & Security establishments; and to shield out background radiation in Dark Matter Labs. 

We possess a 20 year track record of operating in some of the most demanding environments. 

Our Customers